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Post by enigma_newbie on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:00 am

Hi mates,

may anyone have expirence with dotnet.

I've tried to patch the registration and with a lil bit help, I've found the place.
But after bypass the registration i can work only in diagnostic level and the prog have 3 (diag, programming and ...)

So now, how i maked the patch:

I've look for login form and found the security dll.

There are the following code:

public frmLogin()
base.Load += new EventHandler(this.Security_Load);
__ENCList.Add(new WeakReference(this));
this._logFilename = "logcnf.tlg";
this._accessFileName = Application.StartupPath + @"\llt.dll";
this.m_loginSuccess = false;
this.m_Accesslevel = new Hashtable();

and i patch the loginsuccess via reflexil from ldc.i4.0 to ldc.i4.1

And done.

But now i have the prob with the accesslevel and hashtable, i dont know how to patch it so that i can use the other levels.

Or its better to make a k3ygen??
But here i need a lot of help and teaching to find the right code and so on.

May anybody can help me or make a tut.
I dont want a solution only the way to find the solution, thx @ all.

Link: via pm if anyone interesting to help me



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